Aniskoniw (connected) is a digital collage series based in locations
I photographed in New York & Toronto. They portray urban landscapes
with a non-linear history from an Amerindian perspective & foundation.

Click in any image to enlarge & scroll in lighbox.
To read more about the Aniskomiw series and to purchase a print click here.

Basins & Black Bear in the Bronx - digital collage artwork by contemporary Plains Cree Metis Nation artist Jude Norris

The Response-Hive City
This series of (4) ‘parallel reality’ versions of the same landscape is a part of the Aniskomiw series, evolded into an interactive web-based artwork I created for the ‘History of the Future’ online group exhibition concieved & curated by Jasmina Karabeg and Jennifer Pickering.

Click here or on the artwork below to experience The Response-Hive City.

Liberty Village 1 - Spirits of a Good Life (thumbnail) - interactive digital collage web artwork by Cree Nation artist Jude Norris

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